A complete Property Management Solution

Manage all your Properties and tenants from a single application.

Why Property Management System?

We are Property Care, a Property Management Service Provider for all your assets, belongings, leasing, tenants with a wide range of services at low prices in Nepal. We aim to help you run your property more efficiently, taking care of the property so that you can spend more time on the things you love!

Choosing a property management system's exclusive products and services means you get access to two decades of industry expertise and a commitment to quality that will pay off many times over - today and down the road, wherever that road takes you.

Property Care Online (PCO), a cloud-based Property Management system that allows individuals, commercial and community property owners and its managers to operate, manage and grow their business effectively. Property Management can be risky if you don't know what you are doing. With our system, you can securely manage your property and tenancy 24/7 at any time from anywhere. Automated accounting, Online Payments, and Reporting/Analytics are the significant factors that separate us from other similar products. We have developed Property Care in such a way that it creates an interwoven environment to oversee the overall relationship between tenants and property owners.

With property-based notices, automated repair & Maintenance allocation, Option to create tax rules and roles to each user, Property Care Online is one the best property management service provider & a one-stop solution for all property owners for the management of their properties.

List of Features

The main features present in the property care are as follows:

  • Property care system has following types of users:
    1. Admin
    2. Property Owner
    3. Community Manager
    4. Service Provider
    5. Gatekeeper
    6. Staff (Added by property owner)
    7. Tenant (Added by property owner)
    8. Owner (Added By Community Manager)

  • All the users can create and view notices. Notices could be made private and public.

  • List of all the visitors for the property are be displayed here. Gatekeeper will add this data.

  • Property can be added and managed from this module. We can define the unit and floors for each property as well as rooms for each of the units.
    There are two types of properties:
    1. Community Based Property
    2. Private Based Property

  • Units for each property can be managed from this module. Owner for the unit, area, floor, image and other attributes can be entered.

  • Rooms for each unit can be managed via this module. Multiple rooms can be added for each units.

  • Assets for each rooms can be managed from this module. Asset could have attribute like category, brand, condition, model number, purchase date, expiry data, guarantee date, warranty date, supplier name etc.

  • Property owners can add the lease information of private property. They can define the lease start date, end date, lease price, increment duration etc.

  • Community owner can define the community service for each unit using this module. Service will have attributes like cost, currency, frequency (duration of service), pay interval, service price increment duration, service agreement file etc.

  • Repair and maintenance schedule for any assets can be managed from this module. Schedules can be assigned to related server provider. Service provider can then view this schedule and can update and complete it.

  • Invoice of Service, Lease, Electricity, Generator and Cleaning and Extra service of any property can be generated from this module. Users can see their invoice on their end and pay the invoice.

  • Detailed reports for the modules throughout the system are displayed in this section. Each user are able to see the reports based on the roles they are assigned to.

  • Categories and sub categories for the property can be added via this module.

  • Property Owner and Community owner can add, edit and delete suppliers.

  • 1. Tax Rules
    Property owner can define and manage tax rules for own property.

    2. Lease/Service Late Payment Rules
    Property owner/Community owner can define and manage lease/service late payment rules for their properties.

    3. Electricity Late Payment Rules
    Property owner/Community owner can define and manage electrify late payment rule for their properties.

  • A separate system is integrated with the property care system where all the vacant property within the property care are published. Property owners and community owners can publish their vacant property via this module.

  • User can pay their rents and other invoices via our smart payment gateway. This gateway will include all the common payment methods and wallets like E sewa, khalti, Fonepay, ConnectIps, Visa Card, Master Card, IME Pay

  • Users can also get SMS service if they prefer to use. This SMS module will however be separate from the property care system and users have to pay separately for this service.


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Free Plan

NRP.0per month

  • Single Property
  • 10 Units/Tenant
  • 1GB Disk Space
  • 24/7 Support
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Gold Plan

NRP.50,000/-per month

  • 5 Property
  • 20 Units/Tenant per Property
  • 10GB Disk Space
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