Assets Management For A Successful Business

Every Business’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no Business. Aside Customers there are plenty of other assets that needs management to run a business successfully. Those asset include tangible and intangible belongings of your business.

What is Assets Management?

A systematic approach to maintain, develop, operate and upgrade assets for a cost-effective system is known as asset management. Possible Risks & System Performance need to be analyzed within the system. Asset management gives a coordinated approach in cost & risk optimization to increase performance and tenability. A Perfect Business Plan is always incomplete without proper implementation of assets management techniques. Assets might be tangible like physical buildings, equipment or intangible assets like financial assets, intellectual properties, capital etc. which need to be handled with care & proper business flow.

Types of Assets Management

Assets Management include various types of assets to be handled with care which are:

1- Physical Assets

Physical asset management includes management, operation, repair, maintenance and modification of physical and infrastructural assets. Physical assets include buildings, repair equipment, mobiles, utilities, accessories etc. and maintaining these assets 24/7 is quite an important factor. Vacant rooms & flats, water & drainage services, lighting & furniture conditions etc. fall under physical asset management. If a tenant leaves the property a property management system should be able to under take all the finalization activities including clearance level to leasing of available properties.

2- Financial Assets

Financial asset management include management of investment funds, rents, health funds, repair costs, keeping track records of expenses and budget. Investment management is a common term used in finance sector of any company. A company without a proper investment management strategies is a company in loss. A good property management system should be able to undertake and handle all financial activities including rent collections, tax deduction, expenses, water & electricity bills, fund selection etc within the system & present the report to the owner of the property.

3- Digital Assets

Digital Assets include management of all electronics form of content and assets like websites, social presence, digital contents, images and property credentials stored in a cloud. A digital identity is considered as a solution to stand with your competitors hand to hand and get a better increase in business. Software, Music, Documents, eBooks, etc needs digital management & involvement for farther reach. Property Care provides with a medium to stand out in the crowd.

4- Enterprise Assets

To define enterprise asset management in subtle language is management of fixed intangible assets including decommissioning, operation and maintenance. Enterprise asset management is mostly applicable in large scale businesses such as business malls or large shopping complexes. It only focuses on a fixed assets of an organization for example if an asset management of furniture is deployed, it will only look after the quality of furniture, if it need any further paint jobs or if it needs to be replaced. It has nothing to do with anything else.

5- Public Asset Management

Public Asset Management refers to management & sustenance of public properties such as parks, bridges, airports, waterways, water supply, schools etc. This type of management has only one goal, make public life easier and optimize to improve the quality and functionality of public assets. Public asset management are mostly carried out by governmental organizations. Public buses, water taps, roads and everything else that is freely usable by public fall under public assets and management of these assets including maintenance, operation, modification, decommissioning is known as public asset management. Property Care Online (PCO), a product of Podamibe Nepal provides all these services from a single system at an affordable prices with 24/7 support for private or governmental business areas within Nepal. You can contact us here to get your assets listed and start building your business. We provide the best property management service in Nepal with a trial period of 3 months absolutely free.