Repair and Maintenance

repair and maintenance

All properties are subject to gradual degradation and it is inevitable that repair and maintenance will be required from time to time. Internal and external paintwork, carpets, curtains, tap washers, light fittings, stove, heaters, hot water cylinders and even roofs have limited life expectancy and all will need to repaired, repainted or replace in due course. Property care system help to overcome such repair and maintenance problem by providing the service on a schedules bases. Owner or manager of the company doesn’t need to worry about such repair and maintenance of the property because property care take care all such problem of the property and its owner.

Once the repair or maintenance job has been completed the contractor will invoice us for the work. We then check that the invoice matches the work order sent, and that the sum being is fair and reasonable. In cases where we believe the invoice is excessive this is followed up with contractor.